Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Monday, March 30, 2009

How Can we ALL wear RED lipstick?

How come i look so bad in RED lipstick? Well i was doing a little research and came up with these few tips!

1. First you need to figure out what Tone or Color Range you fit into. Look in the mirror at your complexion.

2. If you are fair skinned that you would look fabulous wearing colors that fall into the cool blue-red color family range.  These colors will have a cool plum base color.

3. For Medium to darker skin tones, a red from the orange-red color family will work best on you. These colors will have a warmer brown base color.

4. Now experiment. Go to the store and find a couple of shades: For the fair skinned look for colors that you think have a cooler brighter appearance. (no orangish color in them, more pinky,bright red.) For medium or darker skin tones, look for the colors that have a more brownish red, or deep red appearance.   Try them out and see which one looks best on you! Don't give up after one color!...maybe try the cheapies first like "wet and wild" colors!

5. Good luck! and have fun. you are beautiful!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tip of the Day FRIDAY! Layer up!

Todays tip for the day is "LAYER UP"

I heard a Fun fashion tip, Layer up thick, Put TOO many accessories on in the morning, and then polish your look by taking out the unnessessary layers. This will give you a good balance between a fun layered look, but not any less!

Choose the right accessories: Scarves, Handkerchiefs, Handbags, Vests, Sweaters, Thin Longsleeves, Short sleeve blouses, belts, and Jewelry. Make sure to mix and match Colors and textures!

Handbag and Scarf from: AD LOVE  $22-$58
Graphic Tee from: MaryInk  $28
Longsleeve burnout top from: Forever 21 (sale section)
Short sleeve open cardigan from: urban outfitters

Accessorize with a Skinny Scarf

Check out these styles and shops below for a Skinny Scarf wearin' season!

Hand painted silk scarf by: Ocean avenue silks

Necklush ultra by: NeckLush

Chandelier scarf by: Pretty Raccoon

Accessorize your style with a skinny scarf this season. Colors, patterns, lengths and textures keep this versatile accessory hot!

Wear it loose around your neck, wrap it up around your neck like a chic handkerchief, or tie it around your waist! And there are so many styles for you to choose from, colors, to more sofisticate, to more funky hipster!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Indie LOVE - For all Styles and Fashions


Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty


Hand Screenprinted: 

Hand Crafted Jewelry: 

for all styles and Fashions

Vintage: Ramona West
Hand Screenprinted: AD LOVE
Hand Crafted Jewelry: Brookadelphia


Tip for the Day : Recycle your old Magazines

Got a stack of magazines laying around?
Stick them in your recycling bin, 
(or someone elses down the street :)

Its a good way to get rid of them, even though its so hard to let go! but they are piling up under the bed! Put them to good use and help the environment!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nail Colors to Try for Spring

For Cute Skin and Light Tones try A shiney Pearl, Golden Jewel, Antique Rose, or Pink
L.A. Colors from Dollar General $1.00! can you believe it. (i'm wearing it now!)
Wet n' Wild From Walgreens $2 buck
Avon from Avon about $4

For Funky Darky colors try a Charcoal Grey - Hide in the Dark, Purple, or Frosted Fuschia
Creative - from Nail salon $6
O.P.I. - From Nail Salon $6
Wet n Wild from Walgreens drugstores $2

Monday, March 23, 2009

STYLE: Vests - Fashion On a Budget

If your anything like me, You love style and fashion, but hey... we are all on a budget right now!

I love the comfy Vest style. Its super chic, for going out, or running around town. Spice it up with some fun accessories, pick your favorite color! Check out the fabulous finds.

Forever 21 
Vest $15.80
Top $5.80
Pants $13.50

Handbag $28
Wedges $12.99

5 Favorite Beauty Items for Going Green

I have found some great environmentally friendly beauty products, thanks mostly to one of my friends who works for Ulta Salon, and also friends and shops on Etsy!

1. Sexy Hair Organics $8
I have really long hair, and this shampoo and conditioner are fabulous!

2. Orange Body Polish by Mama Nature essentials $8
This works awesome, so great, doesnt burn like some scrubs because its made from sugar, great exfoliation and then moisture.

3. ABBA True Shine Shine Elixir $3.99
Great smoothing serum for ends of hair!

4. Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brush $13-17
I use the EXTRA huge round brush for straightening my hair, it works awesome, it doesnt tangle my long hair, and if i dont want, i dont have to flat iron the ends!

5. HEMPZ Leave-In Detangler $12
Great detangler, super easy to brush out hair after shower

Welcome to Indie Beauty and Fashion

Hi! I will be blogging some fun stuff for our INDIE lovers! about beauty, going green, organic products, diy clothes, recycled fashion, and just indie fashion in general!. Stay tuned for some fun Topics! also feel free to send me an email about a topic you'd like reviewed, discussed or featured! thanks!