Monday, March 30, 2009

How Can we ALL wear RED lipstick?

How come i look so bad in RED lipstick? Well i was doing a little research and came up with these few tips!

1. First you need to figure out what Tone or Color Range you fit into. Look in the mirror at your complexion.

2. If you are fair skinned that you would look fabulous wearing colors that fall into the cool blue-red color family range.  These colors will have a cool plum base color.

3. For Medium to darker skin tones, a red from the orange-red color family will work best on you. These colors will have a warmer brown base color.

4. Now experiment. Go to the store and find a couple of shades: For the fair skinned look for colors that you think have a cooler brighter appearance. (no orangish color in them, more pinky,bright red.) For medium or darker skin tones, look for the colors that have a more brownish red, or deep red appearance.   Try them out and see which one looks best on you! Don't give up after one color!...maybe try the cheapies first like "wet and wild" colors!

5. Good luck! and have fun. you are beautiful!

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