Monday, February 27, 2012

Marty May Press & Stitchery

Marty May Press & Stitchery is an independent operation located in the heart of downtown Sacramento.

Using traditional screen printing methods, environmentally friendly water-based inks and American made shirts, your purchase ensures fair wages for workers and comfort for your body and conscience.

Marty has generously offered a 15% off coupon for Indie Fashion and Beauty Readers to be entered at checkout: 85nomo


Beautiful and Unique Winter Sale items

Love these beautiful Winter SALE items!

View Treasury and ALL items here

Friday, February 17, 2012

Magenta Nights

To View ALL ARTISTS, and more beautiful items from their shops please visit the MAGENTA NIGHTS etsy treasury, and click on the images!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY Moroccan Lantern Chandelier

I love moroccan lanterns, and wanted to make a custom chandelier for our dining room

With the help of my dad who is an amazing electrician, he hooked up all the lighting for my moroccan lanterns!

1. Made a wooden box so that we could hang the lanterns and have the wires secured above the box into the ceiling. There was a chandelier already there so the electrical box was already in place.

i painted the box to match the ceiling

2. from Home depot I bought an ornate metal sheet (used mostly for radiator covers). I painted this black to match my lanterns

3. I used screw hooks to hang the lanterns

4. chain from home depot (and black wire)

5. Lanterns were purchased from World market, Ebay (see below post how i painted the glass on the largest lantern) and The smaller lanterns which was the best price + shipping from Yellow Sun Decor

6. painted the metal parts of the lanterns black to match eachother

7. My dad is a retired electrician, so don't mess with the lighting unless you know someone or hire an electrician :)

8. Voila! Now we just need our dining table (ordered on the way!)

Even if you dont want to wire them for lighting, they make an awesome statement piece, hang them in a bright room, so the sun can shine through the lanterns, and they all have places for tealights!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Wired Wing Jewelry

TheWiredWing specializes in handmade hammered and round wire jewelry that reflects the natural shapes, lines, tones, and feel of nature with an elegant twist. Every piece is one of a kind- each and every is unique- making your jewelry a true wearable piece of art.  Check it out here