Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kitty Cuddle Friend

I saw this great "Cuddle Kitty Pal" at Petsmart, that was Microwaveable. Anyway, i thought it was too cute, but didnt buy it, then i came home and thought, my kitten might really like this after his surgery, Since i use a rice sock for my neck when its hurting or sore. I made a seperate insert for the rice, incase it ever breaks.

Microwave this soft cat toy for 30 seconds, and it becomes a source of warmth and comfort for kitty. Plush toy is stuffed with rice, which radiates warmth like a heating pad long after it's been heated. An ideal source of warmth and comfort for naptime, older cats, or cats that are stressed. Tail also provides an appropriate chewing outlet.

Heres the petsmart version:

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