Friday, October 15, 2010

DIY T-Shirt Scarves - How to Make Your Own

How to make a T-Shirt Scarf: Inspired by April from Project Runway
1. Short Fringe Scarf. Take the top of the shirt, cut off sleeves and neck
2. Cut Wider strips this time, stop about an inch from the top, and cut off more of the sleeve if you'd like it smaller.
3. Finished Product! Short Fringe Scarf!

1. Medium Fringe Scarf. Cut the T-shirt below the sleeves

2. Use the top half, cut off sleeves and neck, and cut the bottom at a curve.

3. Cut Strips about 1 inch wide, and stopping 1 inch from top.
4. Finished Product! Medium Fringe Scarf. This has been wrapped twice for this look, and washed so the strips would roll.
1. The Rolled Long Tube Scarf. Cut the T-Shirt under the arms straight across
2. Cut Strips across the shirt stopping about 2 inches from the edge.

3. After you have cut all the strips, Take and stretch out each strip, to roll the edge and make longer.
4. Finished Product! Long Tube Scarf
1. Large Fringe Scarf. Take The Bottom half of shirt, flip it upside down, so that the bottom edge is at the top. Cut strips across, stop about 1 inch from top. 
2. Finished Product! Large Fring Scarf. So cute! This has been wrapped twice around for a fuller look. 

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  1. How cool. I may have to try it with some outgrown tees. Was sorry to see April go but I'm looking forward to seeing the remaining designers final collections.

  2. I've never been a scarf person. Especially since the nice ones are usually so incredible over-priced. However, I've seen these around lately and always wonder where people are buying them since I never see them in stores. So I realize people are MAKING them and not paying anything! Well, except for the shirt maybe. Old shirts are the way to go though! I especially like the idea to make a scarf from a shirt with a pattern on it, super appealing to the eye. I actually might make one tonight. Thanks!

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