Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Project FIFI

Our New addition to our family (Phoebe aka Fifi) Loves to use our couches as scratching posts, so I have been looking and looking for a neat looking scratching post, and well they are not so pretty.

So I wanted to make a natural one, but didn't want to spend a ton of $ because, all of my other cardboard scratching posts, and door hanging scratching pad, furniture protector tape, has ALL failed.

I saw birch firewood at Home depot. I actually made a corner base from a corner of a cardboard box (which the bottom part sticks under the foot of the sofa), and staple gunned the logs to the cardboard. I also cut the cardboard along the sides of the logs so that it wouldn't stick out. The other logs to the right, are just the extra firewood from the package and i lined them up on the side of the sofa.

Voila! now i just have to get her to use it! and it was cheaper than all my other efforts at Petsmart!


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