Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY: Changing the Colors of a Moroccan Lantern

I love Moroccan Lanterns! I am going to make a collage of them hanging from my ceiling, but when I was researching larger ones, for my center piece, they were all pretty expensive, and I wasn't fond of the Amber color that was integrated into the lanterns.

So I found a low priced lantern on EBay, and decided to experiment! I bought glass paints in a couple different colors Here on EBAY

First a couple of tips:

• You can take out the glass pieces - be careful edges are sharp, I did cut myself

• Soak them in hot water, after a while, you can scrub the painted side off with a magic eraser sponge or SOS pad, or kitchen sink brush.

• When Painted make sure you really get good coverage with the paint, when you use a brush the paint becomes uneven, and doesn't look really good. But if you pour the paint on and kind of move to the edges with the tip of the bottle, it covers well.

• takes a bit to dry, looks cloudy at first but will dry transparent

Voila! You have the colors that match your own home decor!


The piece on the left, i scraped up all the paint to get that blue color in the picture, i experimented to see what blue over yellow looked like and it was a pretty Teal color but looked to similar to the other sides that were already teal. 


Another smaller lantern i painted purple:

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