Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY Moroccan Lantern Chandelier

I love moroccan lanterns, and wanted to make a custom chandelier for our dining room

With the help of my dad who is an amazing electrician, he hooked up all the lighting for my moroccan lanterns!

1. Made a wooden box so that we could hang the lanterns and have the wires secured above the box into the ceiling. There was a chandelier already there so the electrical box was already in place.

i painted the box to match the ceiling

2. from Home depot I bought an ornate metal sheet (used mostly for radiator covers). I painted this black to match my lanterns

3. I used screw hooks to hang the lanterns

4. chain from home depot (and black wire)

5. Lanterns were purchased from World market, Ebay (see below post how i painted the glass on the largest lantern) and The smaller lanterns which was the best price + shipping from Yellow Sun Decor

6. painted the metal parts of the lanterns black to match eachother

7. My dad is a retired electrician, so don't mess with the lighting unless you know someone or hire an electrician :)

8. Voila! Now we just need our dining table (ordered on the way!)

Even if you dont want to wire them for lighting, they make an awesome statement piece, hang them in a bright room, so the sun can shine through the lanterns, and they all have places for tealights!


  1. This is something I would try to recreate

  2. How many watts do the lanters take?

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