Monday, March 12, 2012

Love for Moxiedoll. Hand Embroidery and Textile Art

My Wonderful Crafty Friend Mandy McGee of Moxiedoll, made me a special housewarming gift, that I cherish and Love and HAD to share! Its an amazing Day of the Dead Hand Embroidered Art Piece. I love everything about it from the Colors, to the beautiful design, to her amazing attention to detail. Its Perfect!

Here are some more of her amazing designs....

"In an effort to channel her creativity into something productive, Mandy McGee founded Moxiedoll in 2004. Over the years she has dabbled in a variety of arts and crafts, from silk screening to jewelry making. Eventually though she has returned to what makes her happiest - hand embroidery and textile art. "

MOXIEDOLL - An attractive woman with aggressive energy, spirit and know-how.

Stitching to please.


Facebook Page: Moxiedoll

She also has a wonderful vintage shop too:
Show Some Moxie

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