Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY: Starting a New Rug Project

I have been screen printing for about 6 years now, and as you can imagine I have six years of mess up clothing that I can't really sell, but I don't want to throw away because I paid for the supplies!

Well I have seen a few tee shirt rugs that I really like, and I originally wanted to make a shaggy tee shirt rug. But After wanting more of a rug that is flexible enough to throw in the wash machine (pet lovers), I realized I wanted to Crochet a rug.

I am just at the beginning stages but I cut my fabric in a continuous strip, and then just simply tie together the next strip of fabric. Right now I am rotating back and forth, cutting, then crocheting, and back to cutting, because I don't have a lot of patience and I Like to switch it up.

I love crocheting, because my mom taught me a simple stitch when I was about ten, and I have made so many blankets, and its fun to do in front of the tube, when you are watching a movie, or show, but want to sort of relax too! (and keep warm because the fabric/yarn covers your lap!)

Here is what I have so far. This is 3.5 days worth of crocheting. I do realize this is going to take me a while to get to 7 or 8 feet length. But its a fun project to do a little everyday.

Here is what you need:

1. Old Clothing, messed up experiment clothing, pants, shirts, you can probably buy some super large cheap fun colored tees at the thrift store (which i might have to do, if i run out of my own clothing)

2. Scissors

3. Large Crochet needle

4. Instructions for a basic Chain Stitch and Single Crochet Stitch, here are simple ones from The Knit Witch on youtube

5. A comfy place on the couch :)

I guess Miss Fifi wanted me to take a break so that she could take a nap on the new rug :)

Knit Witch Video

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