Thursday, April 9, 2009

B.Y.O.B. - Bring Your Own Bag

Gosh I swear, when I am finished unloading groceries, I have about 100 of those plastic grocery bags, and I just keep stuffing them into the cabinet. 

Well For this weeks Grocery Shopping, I took all those bags and a very large eco-friendly bag to the Grocery Store. I was the annoying customer who asked to re-use my bags, but hey, too bad man!

I got to the doors, and realized theres a huge bin for old plastic bags, oops! ha ha, next time! But I was relieved to see this. So next time I will bring those plastic bags and dump them in the bin! I am going to try to get at least one new grocery tote whenever I go shopping. I found a huge one at Joann Fabrics for $1 buck.

Sea of Plastic Bags:

Anyway, Why should we 
Re-use, Recycle or say No to plastic bags?
• Millions of dollars are spent each year dumping plastic bags into landfills, millions are also spent annually in liter clean up, Cities and recyclers spend enormous amounts removing plastic bags from other recyclable materials at the facility; plastic bags jam machinery and add to the manual labor costs of recycling. They can kill animals, plants... etc. etc. etc.

What are Fashionable Alternatives to plastic bags?
Here are a couple shops that have some awesome eco-friendly FASHIONABLE re-usable Grocery and everyday totes!

Kim Quilts: Super Durable up-cycled plastic bags!

zJayne: Adorable Tee-shirt Bags

Fickle Faerie: Reusable Produce bags:

Also, Read this awesome blog from Etsy Labs to make your OWN Eco-Friendly Bags, by fusing together old plastic bags! It looks awesome! I am going to try it.

Etsy Labs Bag, For Article Click Here:


  1. I never leave the house without my reuseable bags, they're great!

  2. These are great. I love my reusable bags, but they're just the generic ones from the grocery store, these ones are so much cooler

  3. Visuals like these sea of plastic bags are just amazing...just this week the cart I was pushing at the grocers was wheel locked with a plastic bag!

    Thank you for including my 'zJayne' recycled/upcycled tShirt urban style market bags. ALL styles of reusuable bag make a difference, one shopper at a time.

  4. No Problem zJayne, thanks for making your awesome bags!

  5. I definitely need to purchase a reuseable bags because if you could only see the amount of plastic bags I have stored under the kitchen sink. It's crazy and bad for the environment too.

  6. Very, very, very cool! Thanks for sharing some of those quilted style handbags, never saw those before.

  7. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! keep in touch!

  8. What a great blog article! Thank you for including my produce bags and I hope to keep doing my part for the enviroment!!
    June from

  9. Such a great article! It's so important not to leave home without your reusable bag!

    Krissy :

    (had a typo ;))