Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey Readers. Be INVOLVED! Read this post

Hey everyone, I want to do an article on recycled or upcycled fashion/decorations/whatever, but from YOU personally!

Article will be called:
What Did You Do With that...?

Did you take a sock and turn it into a bean bag doggie. Did you take those 70's pants from Grandma, and make them into skinny pants? Did you take that vintage fabric or yarn, and make up something fabulous for the kitchen or living room?

Send me your Items, pictures at or over 400 pixels wide. with a few sentence description about the before and after. if you have before pics, send those too! If you don't thats okay too! This will be an ongoing section, so if you make more things in the future please send them on!
Send to my EMAIL

Heres mine:
Guess Very Large Flare Velour Jeans into fun skinny Jeans! (These are example pics. but i really did do that!)

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