Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eyeliner Tips

So We have all bought about 10 different eyeliners or liners, and you keep them in your old make-up bag or at the bottom of some old make-up basket. right? Well i have found a few that work!

For Top Liner This Felt tip Eyeliner by NYX cosmetics is perfect and gives you TOTAL control! great dark black color too. I found it at Ulta Salon or online at cherryculture.com

Also, for the inside of your bottom lid, use the Cover Girl Pencil - Perfect Blend- its usually at all drug or grocery stores. Make sure it has the rubber one end, even if it looks like a different one, with the pencil on each end, this is the only one that works on the inside of my lid personally.

Also, for very Smooth eye shadow looks, use a eye shading brush. I Found a great one at walgreens. After you have put on all your make up, Do your Bronzer/Blush last, and i usually just blend the top and sides of my eye shadow in a little better with my bronzer/brush, for a softer look.

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