Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Lovin' Deals

Let me just start off by saying:

I GAVE INTO GLADIATORS.... and i am really glad i found This ONE pair!

So cute Dresses from Urban Outfitters Sale section, and  Wetseal Dress section, buy one get one 50% off. Love the colors and prints!

I DID give into gladiators, the reason i did not like most of them was because of all the obnoxious buckles, who is actually gonna take the time to buckle all those things! So i was at walmart the other day, and bam... a whole wall of different color gladiators. I first felt the fabric. Wow. they are soft, not gonna hurt my feet, they even have a little heal cushion... hmm. okay. next best thing. VELCRO STRAP! they were sold right there! thats my style, easy, comfy, convienient, and cute!

oh btw $10 Bucks!


  1. I think I'll head to Walmart today! Those are unusually cute gladiators! Thanks for pointing out these too cute deals.

  2. oh, rad! i think gladiators really cute, but the multiple buckle issue really gets me, too. thanks for the tip! : ]

  3. Great! i am so glad to help! i wore them out the other night , so perfect!